A home is where you find comfort and belonging. It’s your haven that enables you to dream bigger and find true happiness in life’s most cherished moments, When your space fits you right, bedtime stories are more animated, holiday dinners taste better, and connections with loved ones are deeper.

We believe that great homes create stronger communities. When individuals unite by experience and purpose, they make the world a better place. We design communities that encourage neighbourly interactions and happiness is contagious.

These are the homes and communities we strive to offer, ones that allow you to be the best version of yourself today and well into the future.

Our Values

These values form the foundation for each new relationship and underpin our approach to building communities.

1. Actions speak louder than words

2. Show up prepared and ready to work

3. Be the community you want to live in

Chris Pollen

Founder, Boxfort Homes

Chris offers a diverse background in senior leadership roles across a complete range of development projects. His progressive development management experience includes acquisition, design, municipal approvals, value engineering, financing, sales, and closing of over 1200 townhomes and 500 condos, totalling over $400 million in value. 

In addition to his professional experience, he serves as a commissioner on the Calgary Planning commission, Calgary’s highest development approval authority outside the Calgary City Council. He was also an active volunteer with the City of Calgary, specifically in solving the Calgary redevelopment industry’s challenges.

Before his professional experience in real estate development, he spent 4 years in residential construction, building homes in Fort McMurray and Canmore.

Chris lives in Calgary, Alberta, with his wife and young son.